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Here are some short videos to inspire you, motivate you and get you stirred into action.


Action Planning – Bringing Smart Goals to Life

You have a well-formed goal to accomplish. Fantastic! But how are you going to get there?

Use the 4WOS Action Planning Framework to help you move forwards and devise a plan that will get you closer to your goal.


Midlife… Where Next?

Sometime things can seem a little overwhelming when you get to a certain age.

Maintaining a sense of perspective and purpose, and remembering your inherent value as a person will help you get through the doubts and challenges of pushing through to the next stage of your life.


Creating Space

In a cluttered, frustrating life you can make space for yourself by taking responsibility for your situation and exercising your freedom of choice to make a difference.

Coaching can help you to identify the pinch points and how to get to where you would rather be.



The Power Of Choice

Where are your choices taking you in life? Over time are they working to your advantage or disadvantage?

In his book, “The Slight Edge”, Jeff Olson talks about how these tiny every-day choices can put you on an upward or a downward curve. Which curve are you on?



Who Is The Real You?

Are you trying to be someone you’re not?

Make the most of your unique talents, strengths and personality to be the authentic you. People are naturally drawn to those who are genuine and do not hide behind a mask.


Identifying Destructive Behaviours

Sometimes our learned behaviour patterns rule our lives and go unquestioned. What may once have been a valid form of behaviour may now be sabotaging our efforts to move forward.

Asking ourselves questions about where behaviour came from and whether or not it still serves us well can be the first step to forming new and better habits.

In this video I illustrate how I realised that my own tendency to worry was a pattern learned in childhood, that does not reflect the real me as an adult.

Performance & Interference

Our level and quality of performance can be significantly reduced by the things that get in the way and stop us producing our best.

Identifying and reducing our internal and external interferences can help us focus and perform better. Dealing with these variables puts us at the top of our game.

Using Personal Resources

We often appreciate our physical surroundings, but neglect the context of our own life: our experiences, skills and support networks.

Being aware of these and making use of them can give us the boost we need to face up to challenges or take on something new.

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