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Full Immersion

My approach to coaching is an immersive one, because I want you to get the very best from your time with me. Traditionally, coaching is sold as a package of sessions. I am not a fan of this method, as I find it encourages Clients to “build up” to a session, after which, the enthusiasm and energy wane until just before the next one. This creates peaks and troughs of activity, which is not good for sustained growth.

Instead, I offer immersive coaching based on duration, typically 6 or 12 weeks. By doing this, coaching becomes a state of mind, is more effective and offers you much better value. Coaching is most powerful when it changes behaviour by forming new, lasting habits and this is best achieved when there is continuous momentum.

When you are being coached for “12 weeks” rather than “6 sessions” your energy is sustained between the times we spend together. On average, sessions will still happen at fortnightly intervals, so a 12-week programme will usually contain 6 sessions, but there is room for manoeuvre on this, within reason.

In addition to your ongoing coaching sessions, my immersive approach to coaching includes these elements:

Discovery Session

At the beginning of your coaching programme, we will have a Discovery Session so you can learn more about how coaching works, what it can do for you and what to expect over the coming weeks. Making you feel completely comfortable before the first proper coaching session means we will gel together as a team and you will get more value from the sessions to come.

Booster Calls

Normally, sessions will occur around once a fortnight, but between times you can schedule a 10-minute Booster Call with me to discuss any issues you’re facing or to let me know how well you’re doing!

Unlimited Email Support

You can email me about anything connected with your coaching programme and I will support you however I can. It’s natural to have questions or to need a little TLC from time to time! Keeping in touch will keep you energised and on target.

DISC Profile

DISC profiling is a method for analysing personality traits according to levels of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. We all have each of these to varying degrees and getting to know your own blend can help you:

  • understand your own behaviours;
  • understand why your family members, friends and colleagues behave like they do;
  • modify how you communicate with people to match their personality style and get more out of the interaction;
  • work out who is best fitted for which role in a team environment.

If you would like to take a DISC assessment, you’ll receive a link to an online multiple-choice exercise. It only takes a matter of minutes to complete and you’ll get an 18-page report as a pdf file, detailing your results and how to interpret them.

(DISC Assessments are available to purchase as a stand-alone product for individuals who are not on coaching programmes at a cost of £50.00. Please contact me for details.)

DISC report extracts reproduced by kind permission of PeopleKeys

Your Coach – Me!

Part of your immersive coaching experience is your interaction with me, your coach, so in addition to investing in 6 or 12 weeks of coaching with the benefits above, you also get someone who:

  • really listens to what you have to say;
  • raises your awareness of what’s important to you and how that affects what you do;
  • ensures that your goals resonate with your core beliefs, so you are motivated to succeed;
  • approaches coaching in a down-to-earth way and strives for concrete, measurable results;
  • shines a light on how you perceive the world and yourself, so you see a new perspective on things;
  • helps you get to your desired outcome more quickly and efficiently than if you were working on your own;
  • supports you and keeps you on track when things get tough.


I’m passionate about taking traditional coaching further to include the immersive aspect, so if you decide to work with me, it will be like having someone walking beside you every step of the way!

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