What Is Coaching?

And how can I use it to get what I want?
Coaching is a tool you can use to improve your performance in just about any area of your life. The key lies in fully recognising your current situation and contrasting that with your ideal outcome and its benefits in order to form an action plan for how you’re going to get there. It’s an exercise in becoming self-aware and learning about yourself, your values, your motivators and what holds you back. Working with a coach accelerates this process and enables you to progress from where you are now to where you want to be more quickly and efficiently than working on your own.

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Your Coach…

… is a facilitator, a catalyst who asks you questions to help you see things more clearly. A coach will never judge or criticise, and believes 100% in your ability to find your own solutions. This is a relationship of equals; your coach is not a figure of authority or a teacher.

You are in control…

The coaching process follows your own agenda. You decide what issues to work on and what actions you will take. It is important that you retain ownership of your coaching journey and take responsibility for your decisions. In this way your outcomes mean more to you than ones imposed by someone else. For this reason, your coach will never offer advice or make suggestions. In this respect, coaching is said to be non-directive.

Believe in yourself!

Mindset plays a huge role in how we approach the world, and the same is true of coaching. If you come to coaching with an open mind and positive outlook, expecting to succeed and achieve your outcomes, you will have a far better chance of success. What you get out depends on what you put in! We are often held back in life by what we believe about ourselves, about other people and about the world in general. Unfortunately, these beliefs can be flawed or outdated and no longer serve us well. Coaching can challenge these beliefs and alter or remove them, to leave the path clear for progress in areas where you have struggled in the past.

So, what can be coached?

There does not necessarily need to be a ‘problem’ to ‘fix’. You may already be doing something well, but want to do it better. Coaching can help in many areas, e.g.

  • Career progression
  • Career change
  • Relationships
  • Confidence
  • Parenting
  • Business management
  • Life transitions, e.g. retirement
  • Procrastination/indecision
  • Time management
  • Productivity
  • Attitudes towards money/authority/success
  • Midlife worries

… And there are many others!

What coaching isn’t…

It’s important to bear in mind where coaching sits in the spectrum of interventions. It is not:

  • therapy
  • counselling
  • mentoring
  • consulting
  • training

Each of these has a vital role to play, and should be considered, if needed.

Mind The Gap

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Can I see a gap between where I am now and where I want to be?
  2. Am I ready to make changes in my outlook or my life in general?
  3. Am I willing to take responsibility for my decisions and actions?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, coaching awaits! I would be delighted to hear from you, using the details below.

Is This Right For Me?

It’s only natural to have concerns about trying something new. If you’re considering being coached, you may well have lots of questions and thoughts running around your mind. Typical ones are:

  • Will it work for me?
  • Do I have the time?
  • Will I be able to afford it?
  • I need to know more about it.
  • I don’t like asking for help.
  • Is being coached an admission of failure?
  • I’m scared of making changes.
  • I’m scared of what success might bring.
  • What will my husband/wife/partner/kids think?
  • I don’t want someone else knowing my private business.
  • I’ve always muddled through before.

… And there are dozens more!

Don’t worry, I can assure you that being open about your concerns will make the outcome better in the end. Very few obstacles are ultimately unsolvable! The starting point is raising what’s on your mind so we can discuss it.

If you’ve shown an interest in coaching it means you’ve already identified something you would like to change. Ask yourself these questions to find out if you’re ready to act in order to get moving:

  • What will happen if I stay put and don’t do anything about it?
  • What is the current situation costing me in time/effort/money/energy?
  • How bad does it have to get before I do anything about it?
  • What am I missing out on by staying put?
  • How will it make me feel to know I’ve done something and made progress?

Read on to find out how a coaching programme works…

My Coaching Service

I offer immersive coaching based on duration, typically 6 or 12 weeks, rather than number of sessions. By doing this, coaching becomes a continuous state of mind, and is therefore more effective. I find that having packages of a certain number of sessions encourages Coachees to “build up” to a session and, inevitably, the coaching ethos then wanes until just before the next one.

When you are being coached for “12 weeks” instead of “6 sessions” the momentum tends to carry on between the times we spend together. On average, sessions will still happen at fortnightly intervals, so a 12-week programme will usually contain 6 sessions, but there is room for manoeuvre on this, within reason. I am available for quick phone conversations between sessions (scheduled by email) and offer unlimited email support to help you if things get tough.

So, with me you are investing in 6 or 12 weeks of being coached, not in a series of one-hour sessions. I believe this offers you far better value and a much more immersive coaching experience.

You will also get someone who:

  • really listens to what you have to say;
  • raises your awareness of what’s important to you and how that affects what you do;
  • ensures that your goals resonate with your core beliefs, so you are motivated to succeed;
  • shines a light on how you perceive the world and yourself, to show you a new perspective;
  • helps you get to your desired outcome more quickly and efficiently than if you were working on your own;
  • supports you and keeps you on track when things get tough.

As someone who has dealt with midlife issues myself, I love helping others who find themselves in a similar situation, so check out this page if you’re at that time of life when things seem unnecessarily difficult. See you there!

Next steps

Make a difference; contact me! Please use my contact form, or the details at the foot of the page.

We’ll schedule a 10-15 minute phone call. This will enable you to:

  • Tell me what you want out of coaching
  • Learn a little more about the process.

It will also give us the chance to get to know each other better.

There’s no obligation to take things further. You can walk away, if you’re not completely comfortable.

If you would like to proceed, we can sort out prices and payment. Then we’ll organise a Discovery Session to really get you onboard and in the coaching frame of mind.

Then your sessions will begin!

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